According to the Insurance Information Institute, each year approx. one in 50 houses suffers water damage. Frozen pipes, storm damage, broken plumbing systems, etc are some things that might cause water damage but bathroom water damage is one of the most common affecting homeowners today. Bathroom water damage like a leaking shower or toilet seal begins as a nuisance but can end up like a domestic disaster. Because the water travels in the way of least resistance which results in bathroom leaks traveling to other areas that are sharing the same wall like closets, bedrooms, hallways, etc.

However, if your property is covered by your home insurance, you may not need to worry much about the costly repairs. In a lot of bathroom leak scenarios a home insurance policy can help with significant expenses especially in finding and fixing the major plumbing works.

When does home insurance cover bathroom leaks?

Homeowner insurance promises to cover the damages and losses that occur quickly and unexpectedly. Leaking bathrooms and other plumbing issues aren’t always benefited by a home insurance policy. However, under some conditions like sudden bursts in pipes or other disasters with a quick onset, you can claim your insurance policy.

When won’t I be covered for a shower leak?

Gradual water damage from leaks is usually not covered under most insurance policies. You probably won’t be covered for bathroom leaks like the shower or toilet seal leaks if:

  • The leak was the result of wear and tear
  • The leak was caused due to a lack of maintenance.
  • The source of leaking water was not within your system.

How can I find out if there’s a hidden leak in my home?

Usually, water damage arrives over time; it’s quite difficult to find leak damages. If you don’t discover any obvious signs of the leak but suspect one it’s wise to take the necessary steps.

One of the simplest and the most economical ways to find out if you have a water leak at home is by checking your water meter. To do some, note the current reading on the meter display and then turn off your water supply. Wait for an hour and then check the meter again, if there’s a change in the number on the display, it means there may be a leak. Now it’s time to call a water supplier or plumber as well as your insurance company.

What should you do if you have bathroom leaks?

Once you discover a leak in your home, you should take immediate steps to prevent further damage. The first thing you should do is to stop the flow of water. Some bathroom leaks can be solved easily by attaching a hose or tightening a loosely attached pipe. In other major cases, you might need to shut off the water supply when investigating a leak.

But before making any fixes, make sure to document the damage with photo and video proofs. This evidence may help solidify your claim while presenting it to your insurer. Once you document the damage, follow these steps to secure your property from further damage –

  • Lift furniture, rug, or carpet to avoid further damage.
  • Dry out wet rugs or carpets.
  • Run an air conditioner or dehumidifying equipment to remove excess moisture from the air
  • Use a sump pump to remove standing water
  • If the leak is near the electrical wiring, turn off the electricity to prevent a major disaster

Necessary precautions to prevent bathroom leaks –

Nothing lasts forever, so it’s impossible to neglect the plumbing and water leak issues, although regular services can help you prevent leaks in the future.

To prevent bathroom leaks, make sure to do regular maintenance to keep your home in good condition. If it’s winter, keep your home’s heating at a low when you’re out to make sure to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

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You can also opt for techs like water leak detectors to help you monitor your home’s pipe leaks.

How to make a bathroom leak insurance claim?

If you have suffered damage from bathroom leaks and want to claims your insurance policy, here are the following steps you can take to make a bathroom leak insurance claim:

  • Prevent your home from further damage

If the bathroom leak is sudden and strong and the escaping water could damage your property, then switch off the water supply first.

  • Contact your insurer

After preventing the damage, the next step you should take is to call a professional. You should also contain your insurance company to inform them about this event.

  • Document losses

Evident all the damage via taking photos or videos of the affected area when the leak is in progress. Your insurer would also be their adjuster to take evidence of damage and estimate its extent.

  • File a claim

File your insurance claim for the leaking bathroom by answering a few questions about the accident and attaching the relevant evidence.

  • Take help from insurance claim professionals

After informing your insurance company about the accident, you should also contact insurance claims professionals like a public adjuster. Public adjusters will help you in gathering all the evidence and assist you throughout your whole claim process to let you get the best from your insurer.

The Best public adjuster in Orlando to assist you in your bathroom leak claims –

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