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Business Interruption


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Like homes, businesses are also at risk of being damaged due to unforeseen circumstances, but unlike homes, commercial policies are often very diverse and each policy differs depending on the needs of the company. Luckily, this is not a problem for our experienced and highly trained adjusters who are well versed in laws regarding both policy coverage and the responsibilities of insurance companies.

Sometimes a business will suffer a loss that may result in the business having to reduce or stop operations entirely. Business interruption insurance is designed to help businesses by covering the loss they may suffer after a disaster like a fire, natural disaster, or theft. Thin includes lost income or profits for the time it takes to repair or replace property as a result of the disaster. The settlement amount is typically determined by most adjusters purely based on the historical records of the business for the previous year. This is fine for some businesses, but businesses that are just starting may find it impossible to produce the records necessary for their claim. Businesses who did not have a good previous year or businesses who are expanding will also run into problems obtaining the settlement they need.

Simply using data from the previous year may produce inaccuracies for the claim, that’s why a thorough analysis of the company’s history in all its entirety should be used and taken into consideration when determining the measurement of the claim. ClaimsPro USA will examine and consider all the potential losses your business may have faced to help develop a claim that best benefits your business.

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