Fire Damage

Fire Damage claims are amongst the most complex claims to document because they involve both seen and unseen structural damage plus the valuations of the inside contents. Fire
Damage claim experience is crucial to properly document fire damage to your insurance carrier.

ClaimsProUSA’s process for Fire Damage Claims

Documentation of Loss:

When ClaimsProUSA prepares a fire damage claims, we preform a detailed inspection of both visible and unseen damage to the structure; taking in account:smoke damage, roof trusses, interior walls and framework, cabinetry, electrical wiring, fixtures  plus a detailed inventory of the interior contents with valuations using a methodical process of evaluating the damage. Estimations of the costs to repair or replace structural damage plus the documentation of sometimes hundreds of content items lost in the fire are all taken into account in our documentation.

Examining the Policy:

The language of your insurance policy details your coverage and any restrictions that may be in place. Incidental expenses like; loss of business continuity, costs for disposal or resettling into a temporary location may come into play if your insurance policy provides these overages. Have a question on your policy? Let our team examine your insurance policy for exclusions or caveats that could have an effect on your coverage.

Our expertise is in understanding the exact language of your property insurance and providing the detailed documentation you need to truly get the insurance settlement you deserve. Insurance companies have adjusters working on their side. Why not you?

Our expertise can assist you during these difficult times

What will be your process in rebuilding from a fire loss? How soon can you begin and who should you contact? Your Certified Public Adjuster can advise you on the best ways to recover from your loss and how to go about it. Remember that your Public Adjuster works for you! Have questions on what your policy allows for outside living arrangements or interim accommodations? We understand property insurance policies and can advise you on what’s available from your carrier.

What can an insurance adjuster do for youLet our experience in all types of claims allow you to rebuild with the settlement you deserve


Public Insurance Adjusters are licensed by the State of Florida and follow strict guidelines related to property insurance claims. ClaimsProUSA has extensive experience documenting property damage claims in the most comprehensive manner, resulting in higher settlements for our clients. Homeowners are overwhelmed by a loss and so we offer our expertise for a portion of your settlement. Remember you never pay upfront for our services!


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