Water damage

Water Damage to structures are common property damage claims often contested and low-balled by insurance companies. Hurricane deductibles, entry or causation and other riders, provisions or restrictions on your policy may come to into play when contesting a water damage claim. That is why having an experienced Public Insurance Adjuster like ClaimsPro USA on your side to represent you can make the difference in getting a fair settlement or no settlement.

Inspections and Documentation

Frequently water damage will come from natural events like hurricanes, storm surge or localized flooding. Also, leaking or ruptured pipes, malfunctioning air conditioning equipment, appliance malfunction or sewer line backup can cause damage to your structure. The damage may be obvious or not so obvious. A detailed inspection will look for damage to walls, flooring, electrical systems, furnishings which might otherwise might be overlooked. ClaimsPro USA are experts in documenting damage caused by water having represented hundreds of Florida consumers with water damage claims. In the resolution of water damage claims,  Insurance companies will often dispatch their own inspector to determine the cause and extent of the damage. If an agreement cannot be reached, then the Public Insurance Adjuster will present their documentation beginning the process to settle the claim.

Don’t trust the Insurance company’s adjuster to have your interests at heart. A Public Insurance Adjuster is regulated by the state of Florida and their fees are regulated. No initial money is needed to initiate a claim. have an expert on your side! Call ClaimsPro USA.

Claims process:

ClaimsProUSA insurance claim processClaimsPro USA utilizes a proven method of representing Water damage insurance claims from calamities like hurricanes, flooding, burst pipes and sewer backup or other causation. The process begins with detailed documentation with supporting evidence. Your evidence will be submitted to your carrier and depending on their response, subsequent strategies will be employed to maximize your settlement to repair or replace your roof.

Hurricane Irma Update:

ClaimsPro USA has experienced public Insurance Adjusters available to homeowners who have experienced water damage during 2017 Hurricane Irma. Homeowners in Florida requiring assistance supporting insurance damage claims or just need their existing policy reviewed should contact ClaimsPro USA at (407) 709-1561 for an immediate response.

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