Insurance Claims for Sinkholes

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Sinkholes are a tremendous hazard regardless of your geographic location, but the risks of a sinkhole developing are exponentially higher in certain areas like Florida. In fact, Florida’s sinkhole problem can be described as an epidemic. Sinkholes can spell disaster for residential and business areas alike, crippling a building’s foundation, creating hazardous conditions, or even completely swallowing a building whole.

While many insurance companies do recommend that immediate repairs be made to minimize losses, the unfortunate truth is that even when repaired people may still run into issues. For example, sometimes repairs from a previous claim may not hold up or may fail altogether. Other issues a victim of a sinkhole may face is with the insurance company itself, sometimes the insurance company may not be fair or a claim is denied because of mistakes or misconceptions in the geotechnical reports.

More often times than not only repairing a damaged structure that was damaged as a result of a sinkhole will most certainly lead to problems in the future especially if the sinkhole was not filled. In that regard, additional property damage may occur in the future.

ClaimsPro USA uses a tried and true method that works. We start by having our public adjusters documenting your damages to present your claim. From there we complexly take control of the adjustment process to prevent further loss. If you have a pending or ongoing claim our experts will review the current claim or do a reevaluation, if needed. To find out exactly how we can help you contact us today by calling (833)-476-2411.

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