Sinkhole Damage

Client: Mark B.
Location: Orlando, FL

Situation: One of the hardest claim types to prove and one of the most denied claims involve property damage caused by sinkholes. First, take the images that you see on the news out of your head. Those giant craters that swallow homes and cars are, in fact fairly rare. However, even a minor sinkhole can be the cause of major damage and aggravation. This was the case for Mark. He noticed cracking in the floor and separation along joints at walls and ceilings. He had no idea at the time that his house was sitting on a sinkhole. As the earth continued to shift, Marks home moved as well.

Solution: Before he even called his insurance company, Mark called ClaimsProUsa Licensed Public Adjusters. ClaimsProUsa inspected the damage, then brought in structural engineers and other industry specialists to assist with the damage diagnosis. All the while, Mark’s policy was undergoing a thorough analysis to help determine his coverage. Sinkhole repair is not easy, nor inexpensive. Often times, insurance companies will insist on repairing your property with less than perfect strategies. Don’t fall for these. More than likely you, like Mark,are entitled to receive enough money to pay for a complete, proper repair. ClaimsProUsa helped Mark collect over $320,000 to cover his damage. $320,000 was also the policy limit. In this case, there truly was no settling for less!

Business Loss of Use

Client: Pedro, a Landlord
Location: Orlando, FL
Situation: Pedro is the owner of a Strip Mall in Orlando. A major fire issue caused significant damage to all units. During the claims process and throughout the reconstruction, his property was not in rentable condition. Pedro was losing rental income every day that the property was not habitable.

Solution: ClaimsProUsa’s Licensed Public Adjusters were already handling the claim for the actual damage to the property. At the strategically right time in the process a Loss of Use claim was filed as well. As you may imagine, the insurance company offered absolutely nothing at first. ClaimsProUsa was able to present all of the proper documentation and prove that Loss of Use coverage did exist under the policy. The insurance company finally agreed to a settlement that ClaimsProUsa offered and Pedro collected a large percentage of his “lost” rent.


Water Damage

Client: Barbara V
Location: Orlando, FL.
Type of claim: Burst Pipe.

Situation: Barbara and her family were away for the weekend. Upon returning home, they discovered that their refrigerator supply line had ruptured and water had been flowing from it all weekend and their laminate floors were already buckling.

Problem: Barbara called her insurance company and they made her an offer of $15,00.00. They tried to tell her that $15,000.00 would pay for the flooring that was damaged through all of the house. Barbara had a feeling that she was being short changed so she called ClaimsProUsa.

Solution: ClaimsProUsa’s Licensed Public Adjusters examined the house, analyzed his policy and wrote an estimate for $58,000.After presenting the estimate and the reasons why a $58,000 estimate was justified, eventually a settlement was made for just over $48,000.

Final Analysis: Without ClaimsProUsa’s Licensed Public Adjusters, $15,000; With ClaimsProUsa, $48,000. ClaimsProUsa got them an increase of over 300%.

Barbara’s comments: “I had never used a public adjuster before. ClaimsProUsa handled everything for me and got the insurance company to give me what I was entitled to receive. Never again will I even think about filing a claim without ClaimsProUsa in my corner.”



Client: Hector G
Location: Orlando, FL

Situation: Living in the “lightning capital of the world” makes us easy targets for lightning damage. This was the case for Hector at his small business. During a storm, lightning hit his building and caused damage to electrical systems and equipment. Naturally, his insurance company tried to deny the claim by telling him that “stuff like this just isn’t covered by your policy”.

Solution: Hector called ClaimsProUsa Licensed Public Adjusters and sent over a copy of his policy. The policy was reviewed and a licensed public adjuster went to the property to assess the damage. ClaimsProUsa took over the claim on behalf of Hector and contacted his insurance company. By doing what ClaimsProUsa does best, the insurance company eventually admitted that the damage was, in fact, covered by Hectors’s policy. Hector received a check for just over $45,000 from his insurance company to pay for the damaged electrical. Hector did not have to settle for less and was able to keep his small business.

Comments: Thanks ClaimsProUsa for saving my small business


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