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ClaimsPro USA is a Florida licensed Public Insurance operating in Jacksonville, Duval County, Jacksonville Beach, Lakeside, Orange Park, Fernandina Beach, St. Augustine and all of Florida providing assistance to homeowners and businesses in insurance claim representation with their insurance carrier.

If you have a current or denied property damage claim and are not satisfied with the Insurance company settlement, we would advise you to hire a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster to represent your claim in the best possible way. Following are some frequently asked questions our clients ask us when contacting us about their claim.


How is a Public Insurance Adjuster Compensated?

A licensed public insurance adjuster like ClaimsPro USA is compensated with an agreed percentage of your insurance claims settlement that is regulated by Florida stature. No upfront money is needed to initiate the process. We work on your behalf to maximize your insurance settlement.

Why not use the Insurance company’s adjuster?

Your insurance company would certainly like that. Always remember the insurance company adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. It’s a question of fidelity and responsibility. when a dispute arise, don’t expect the adjuster to mediate a solution. You need an adjuster on your side like Claimspro USA to document your losses and negotiate a settlement.

What if my claim is denied or already closed?

That’s fine, ClaimsPro USA will review your claim for re-opening or adjustment. Perhaps material evidence has surfaced that was not evident before. We consistently have turned closed claims into reimbursed claims by documenting your losses utilizing our claims process to your advantage.


Types of Property Damage Insurance Claims that ClaimsPro USA represents:

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fires can happen in an instant and the destructive results are immediate and long lasting. Smoke, soot or water used to extinguish a blaze will make the structure uninhabitable.


Sinkholes are common in Florida and vary in size and causation Even small sinkholes beneath your home will cause structural damage to your structural wall or concrete slabs.

Water Damage

Water damage is very common in Central Florida and causes include: water line breaks, toilet malfunctions, roof leaks, washing machine hose ruptures or appliance malfunctions. 

Flood Claims

Floods are the number 1 natural disaster in the US with damage claims in excess of 1 billion dollars per year.

Wind Damage

Central Floridians have ample experience with wind damage, having survived hurricanes; Charley, Frances and Ivan in 2004.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption insurance is a protection from the loss of income or covers expenses while the business is closed to due to a covered event like fire, windstorm or other calamities.


Thanks ClaimsPro USA for saving my small business

Hector G. – Orlando, Florida

Before he even called his insurance company, Mark called ClaimsProUsa Licensed Public Adjusters. ClaimsProUsa helped Mark collect over $320,000 to cover his damage. $320,000 was also the policy limit. In this case, there truly was no settling for less!

Mark B. – Orlando, FL

ClaimsProUsa’s Licensed Public Adjusters were already handling the claim for the actual damage to the property. At the strategically right time in the process, a Loss of Use claim was filed as well. As you may imagine, the insurance company offered absolutely nothing at first. The insurance company finally agreed to a settlement that ClaimsProUsa offered and Pedro collected a large percentage of his “lost” rent.

Pedro, a Landlord – Orlando, Florida

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