natural disasters in Florida

Are you moving to Florida? If yes, then you are probably ecstatic that the cold weather conditions will be behind you. Many people are not aware that Florida is home to various types of natural disasters, thus you should be prepared for anything. The most common natural disasters in Florida include tropical storms, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, coastal storms, and power outages.

As per the record of FEMA, Florida has declared around 135 major disasters between the years 1953 and 2019, of which hurricanes and fires have most happened. Here is the list of natural disasters that can occur and damage your homes in Florida:

  • Fires: Although the humidity in Florida can prevent fires from damaging homes but the high winds increase the intensity of the flames. Tallahassee, an area in Northern Florida is less humid as compared to Miami, but is susceptible to high winds due to hurricanes. When it comes to precautionary measures, you should never leave flames open in your home unattended and install fire extinguishers throughout the home. If any small fire damage is left unattended, it can lead to dangerous mold, structural damage, and many other severe problems.
  • Tornadoes: Tornadoes are remarkably dangerous due to the lack of any prior notice people receive. If you live in Florida, make sure you designate one room in your house as the safe room and move there once you get aware of Tornado in your area. You should proceed to that room with a radio, flashlights along with extra batteries, water, and some snacks. It is strongly recommended to have these supplies with you if in case you need to go at the moment’s notice.
  • Hurricanes: Hurricanes are also known as the natural distance that wreaks huge havoc in Florida and causes many other natural events in the list. However, Floridians get warnings by the government and authorities in advance if a storm can occur in their area. In this way, people get time to evacuate if needed. It is important to listen to your local government and the National Weather Service in order to determine if you require leaving your home.
  • Floods: As the Floods are mostly situated at sea level and surrounded by large water bodies, the state has a great risk of flooding. Tropical storms, storm surges, thunderstorms, and hurricanes pose a huge risk of flooding as most of these storms bring a lot of water in a less span of time. Due to heavy flooding, your property, buildings, and roads get damaged while causing widespread contamination to the supply of water. Well, preparing before a flood means knowing the risk level of your property as even the low-risk zones are prone to floods.

The Bottom Line

Florida is an amazing place to live but it crucial to stay prepared for natural calamities. This post may help you to become prepared for any unwanted events in Florida and give more peace of mind. As disasters are uncontrollable, but being prepared and overcoming are all up to us.

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