Before you do anything else, look at your washing machine’s intake hose for areas that are bulging or damaged.

A ruptured hose on your washing machine’s intake can cause a catastrophic flood of hundreds of gallons of water in a very short time and this is a very common cause of extensive water damage in a home. Your washing machine going through it’s normal cycles will weaken your intake hose over time and so you may have a catastrophic water event lurking. Here are some helpful hints to lessen the likelihood of this happening to you. Replace your Washing machine hoses every 3 to 5 years.

insurance claim ruptured hose

1. When buying a used washing machine; buy a new intake hose: Many people will buy a used washing machine but neglect installing a new intake hose. When your intake hose is more than five years old it is more likely to burst. If you choose to buy a used washer, be safe and and buy a new intake hose

2. Turn off your washing machine water intake when you go on vacation: Nothing may be worse then your washing machine intake hose bursting when you are on vacation or a trip. Water will flow unabated out the front door until someone enters your house and turns it off. Why not shut the water off at the valve before you leave and enjoy your time away from home.

3. Consider a stainless steel  braided metal hose as a replacement: A stainless steel braided hose costs a little more but is generally longer lasting and less susceptible to damage from twisting or kinks. However they can fail from wear over time or from a defect, so they need to be inspected on a regular basis. 

stainless steel washer hose

stainless steel washer hose

4. Install a new hose without kinks or sharp bends: Allow at least 3″ to 4″ inches between your washing machine and the wall and install your hose without kinks or sharp bends,. Sharp bends and kinks will dramatically shorten the life of any hose, because the water cannot flow unimpeded. Buy a sufficient length of hose nd move your washer away from the wall a bit to get the required room.

5. Pick a time of year to inspect the hoses: Pick a day or holiday to inspect the washing hose, as well as your dryer vents. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday or a holiday. I like to do these inspections, along with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers in the Fall, during the Labor Day weekend. Come that weekend, I’m inspecting my home for hazards or repairs that are needed before winter.

At ClaimsPpro USA, we believe that preventing events like water damage is the primary goal, but If you should suffer a water damage claim from a burst hose or other event, consider contacting a public insurance adjuster like ClaimsPro USA to document the damage and submit your claim to the carrier. We cover the entire Central Florida areas and have extensive experience submitting complex water damage claims for homeowners, resulting in fair insurance settlements.

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