Hurricane season is a stressful and dangerous time of year for those who call Florida their home. Heavy storms can create a plethora of hazardous conditions. The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts on the first of June and ends on the thirtieth of November. So, it’s best to be prepared. Here are some tips to help keep your family safe during hurricane season.

Stock up on supplies

Supplies may be limited when a hurricane is in full swing, that’s why you’ll want to have a stock of nonperishable goods ready just in case. Ideally, you’ll want to have enough food and water for you and your family for at least one week. You’ll also want to have tools, flashlights, and good shoes to protect at your disposal. Also have some replacement batteries, a whistle, and medication, mays, and any personal items you need. Look into alternative power sources or generators. If you do have a generator, be sure to keep it outside and protected from moisture.

Keep any essential documents in a safe and dry place.

Know where the closest shelter is

In the event of an evacuation, it is useful to you know where your nearest shelter is. Having a safe place to stay can make all the difference in the world.

Have a communication plan

Have a system to keep in contact with your family in case you become separated. A meet up location is another alternative. Know how you all will be getting to the shelter or other escape location. Don’t wait until the hurricane is at your door to figure this out. Practice and rehearse what steps you and your family need to take so that you can be sure to stay safe at all times. Discuss safety measures and precautions to take as well. When planning, be sure to make any particular needs of your family members and incorporate those needs into your evacuation strategy.

Brace your property for the hurricane

Heavy storms can cause debris to scatter and large objects, like tree branches, can damage your home. Remove hazardous objects, such as rotting or damage trees, from your property, so they don’t cause problems later.

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