If your home or business has been damaged due to a natural disaster, then your first call should be to the insurance claim adjuster. Opting for a ClaimsPro USA’s professional claims adjuster would help you maximize the settlement you deserve, as well as reduce your stress and frustration.

How Does a Public Insurance Adjuster Work?

Simply, insurance adjusters have licensed insurance experts who are worth their weight in gold when it comes to property damage. They are trained professionals who advocate on behalf of you to help you navigate the claim process and ensure you get the deserving compensation to restore your damaged property to its original condition. They help you in negotiating a fair settlement with your insurance company but also save you bundles of dollars.

Is it worth relying on insurance company adjusters?

Insurance companies are businesses and just like the other businesses, their primary concern is also financial well-being. Relying on a company adjuster is not a good option. There are inherent conflicts between a public adjuster and the insurance company adjuster. One of them is that they work for the company and not for you. Their main goal is to maximize the profit for the company, which often does not lead to paying you the optimal settlement.

Companies’ adjusters let things appear that they are serving your best interest, but the truth is just the opposite. Usually, their first offers are most likely not their best. They always try to protect their financial positions by convincing you to accept the lowest possible settlement.

Do You Actually Require the Services of a Public Adjuster?

Unlike an insurance company adjuster, a public adjuster advocates exclusively for you. They make a real difference to businesses and homeowners who are seeking compensation to reconstruct their damaged property.

How Public Adjuster Can Help?

Claiming insurance is a lengthy and hectic process, it takes an inordinate amount of time and energy.

Let’s say, a hurricane hits your home and there’s major damage, or you lost your property completely, now you are living in a hotel. For the claim process, your insurance company will assign three adjusters – one for damage to the dwelling, one for your personal property, and one for additional living expenses.

In such a condition, you’ll have to face a complicated insurance claim process that could easily stretch up for a long time and requires a lot of detailed paperwork. If you have very little or no knowledge of insurance then the matter becomes even worse, leaving you totally exhausted mentally as well as physically.

On top of that, determining the extent of damage to the property is also difficult unless you are a contractor or have any experience or knowledge of construction. You might also be unfamiliar with the damage calculations and specific insurance coverage included, like extended replacement cost endorsements, dependent properties’ coverage, built-in code compliance payments, etc.

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Working with a public adjuster will relieve you from all this stress and help you deal with your insurance company. Public adjusters are often more profound in assessing damage to the property and negotiating with the insurer. They fight on behalf of you and oversee the entire process from initial inspection of the damaged property, attending meetings, e-mails, or phone calls for negotiations to filing your claims. They look out for your best interests by properly identifying all damages, what is covered in your policy and what’s not, and ensure you get the fair settlement you are entitled to.

How does a public adjuster save you money?

  1. While claiming the insurance you will be more focused on negotiating with your carrier, leading to your mental and physical unavailability at your work. A public adjuster will understand your goals and plan a strategy allowing you to focus more on your business.
  2. We all know that “time is money” and the insurance claim process takes an unreasonable amount of time. Without a public adjuster, you probably waste dozens of your precious hours advocating with your insurance company. Public adjusters can save your time by managing claims processes on their own so that you can focus on what matters to you the most.
  3. Most public adjusters receive a success fee when claims are compensated. So you will have a very little financial burden when you hire a public adjuster.
  4. A public adjuster helps you to obtain the maximum insurance settlement amount, the money that you’re owed for your insurance coverage, but you usually don’t receive it in full without having an expert by your side.

However, most of the cases don’t require a public adjuster as they are minor or routine cases and insurance company adjusters are more capable of handling them efficiently. But in case of a very large claim or a total loss of a property, a public adjuster can be helpful or be worth their cost.

If you are a resident of Central Florida, then you must be well aware of how prone your property is to damage. So, if you are wondering whether a public adjuster can help you with your property damage claim, call ClaimsPro USA and schedule a meet-up with our Florida Panhandle Insurance adjusters to get the maximum possible settlement. We assist with the following types of claims –

  • Business Interruption Claims
  • Fire Damage Claims
  • Insurance Claims for Sinkholes
  • Lightning-related Damage Claims
  • Water Damage Claims
  • Wind Damage Claims

All of our public adjusters are experienced in handling insurance company operations and ready to work for you. To schedule a meet-up, call 1-833-252-4601!

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