It is necessary to protect your home and property from burgling and thieves. We even take precautionary measures for so but what about protecting your property from the harsh repercussions of bad weather? Catastrophic natural phenomenons like earthquakes, heavy rains, sinkholes, snowstorms can cause massive damage to your property. And natural events like windstorms have had a record to cause damages to numerous properties all across the globe.

Several wind damage claims make rounds in the insurance companies very often as storms are one of those natural disasters that have the ability to convert your precious property into pieces.

Thus, for your assistance here is a list of some very effective storm damage prevention tips that you must adopt as a homeowner:-

  • Document the Pre-Condition: Storms come without knocking the doors. Thus just to be on the safer side, click pictures, and make videos of your home and property beforehand. Documenting this will help you in the near future if a storm happens to occur. You can show this to your insurance company and certified public insurance adjusters for making a before and after comparison.
  • Clean Up The Gutters: Heavy rains often tend to cause clogging in gutters. Such clogging can make it hard for the proper discharge of waste leading to several damages. It can weaken your foundation and even ruin your flooring. Thus keep a clean-up check on gutters every once in a while.
  • Look Out For Potential Debris Risk: A windstorm of a high velocity can break off and carry many things along with it. Thus you must look out for such things around which could possibly turn into debris and cause a heavy risk. You may look out for weak tree branches, fences, wirings, etc.
  • Turn Off Water Lines: Water pipelines are highly sensitive and most prone to break out during windstorms. They may burst out at any moment with a strong gush of a storm which may lead to flooding your home. Thus if you see a windstorm approaching, turn off the main water lines as soon as possible.
  • Review Insurance Protection: Having an insurance policy is the best resort to cover up the losses and damages suffered. Thus, make sure to review your policy well before and check thoroughly as to what is covered and what is not.
  • Secure Furnishings and Fittings: Storms can cause damages to unimaginable extents. Thus in order to secure your home from unexpected damages have a thorough check of your complete property. Secure your furnishing, doors, windows, roof, flooring, wirings, etc. with a regular maintenance check.
  • Spare Generator: Windstorms can lead to knocking out of power supply for a good number of days. Therefore, keep a spare generator fully charged whenever you find out the approaching of a possible storm.

Hence, avail the assistance of these preventive tips to safeguard yourself from unforeseen results of storms. These are practical tips that should be adopted by everyone, especially those who live in the areas most prone to natural calamities.

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