Natural disasters like an earthquake, heavy rains, lightning, floods, are pretty common. And as a precautionary measure, people usually take up an insurance cover for such natural catastrophes too. But there is one such calamity called the Sinkholes that has tended to cause humongous damage to a lot of lives and property in the country of the USA and the areas around. Let us see what a Sinkhole is and why you must opt for a policy covering the loss and damages caused by it.

What Is A Sinkhole?

Sinkholes are basically a catastrophic phenomenon. These are the natural depressions or giant holes that develop in the crust of the earth. Sinkholes are enormous holes that rip open the ground and swallow everything around. Sinkholes can be unimaginably huge and destructive that can gobble up vehicles, houses, properties, roadways, and even large residential buildings and offices.

What Causes Sinkholes?

Sinkholes can be caused due to various diverse reasons. But primarily they are a consequence of either natural causes or man-made causes:-

  • Natural Causes: A sinkhole can get developed due to extremely heavy rains, floods, heavy erosion in the earth’s crust, and even due to an earthquake of tremendous density.
  • Man-Made Causes: Activities like excessive drilling, mining, tunneling, quarrying, construction, heavy traffic, etc. are the root causes that lead to the birth of a sinkhole. Continuous conduction of such activities tends to trigger the development of this destructive phenomenon.

What Is A Sinkhole Insurance?

Most insurance companies offer to cover the losses caused by an earthquake, fire, flooding, lightning, etc. But a few companies have realized the importance of the insurance cover required for the damages caused by Sinkholes and thus, they are now offering policies for this catastrophic phenomenon as well.

The sinkhole insurance primarily covers the losses and ravages caused to a house, property, and even vehicles as well. The policyholder just needs to mention what properties he desires to cover in the insurance claims for sinkholes, and the insurance company will draft the policy for the same. So, if in near future a sinkhole tends to cause destruction to the policyholder’s insured property, he can file a claim, and the insurance company in return will settle the claim against his losses as per the drafted policy.

What Does A Sinkhole Insurance Policy Cover?

A sinkhole insurance policy can cover all the damages caused to the personal belongings, properties, vehicles, basically everything that has been prominently mentioned in the policy. An insurance company will render monetary compensation to repair or replace the damaged property and belongings of the insured.

Who Should Consider Opting For A Sinkhole Insurance?

A sinkhole insurance policy must be opted by all such people who live in the areas prone to heavy rains, earthquakes, and floods. Also, people residing in the areas that have been built over old mines must sign up for such a policy.

Signs You Need A Sinkhole Insurance Policy

Sinkholes often develop over a period of time. Thus, here are some early signs that you must look up for if you need to detect the generation of a sinkhole:-

  • Deep cracks in your driveways, streets, and the area around.
  • Noticeable depression in your yard or garden.
  • Development of cracks on your doors and windows.
  • The appearance of sediments and some deposits in your drinking water.

If you notice any of such signs, consider it as a warning alarm, and contact an insurance company and sign up for a sinkhole insurance policy soon.

Thus, if you want to render protection for your properties and belongings, choose to take up a sinkhole insurance policy. It can do wonders and safeguard you from unexpected losses.

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