Did you know on average, a burglary happens once every 30 seconds in the US?

According to the FBI stats, burglars strike every 30 seconds in the US, which means two burglaries every minute and about 3000 per day.

But, as burglars are getting busted, this rate is going down nationwide. However, break-ins and burglaries are still the most feared property crime. In fact, according to the State of Safety survey done in 2020, over 60% of folks who attended the survey responded that they have the highest concern about someone breaking into their home when no one’s at home and 58% fears a break-in when they’re sleeping.

Considering the statistics from the FBI, these concerns seem completely natural. Now the question is how you can secure your home from break-ins and thefts?

Before heading to safety solutions, let’s find out the basic difference between a break-in and a theft.

Protect Your Home From Break-ins & Theft Damage

Difference Between a Break-in and a Theft?

Break-ins refer to burglary and robbery. Whereas, theft is a crime that involves abducting someone’s physical property like money possessions, without their permission.

Robberies are done using force, violence, or threats to steal from you or your place. While burglary is simply the crime committed by entering someone’s property unlawfully through force or an unlocked door.

How You Can Protect My Property From Break-ins and Theft?

Break-ins and thefts can be committed anytime and anywhere and you might not be able to stop them. So what’s the best way to protect your home from thefts and break-ins? Purchasing a homeowner insurance policy. Homeowner insurance safeguards your property from natural calamities and other perils, it may also help cover thefts and break-ins.

Homeowner insurance policies also cover stolen personal property and can pay you for problems related to theft as well. For instance, if someone forcefully entered your home through the door, your homeowner policy will pay the repair cost for the damaged door and new locks.

How Much Coverage Do I Have for Break-ins and Theft?

Your insurance coverage depends on two factors: your policy limits and the type of coverage. A typical homeowner policy includes several coverages like dwelling, personal property, and other structures coverage that may help you recover from a burglary. The coverage for the dwelling is pretty straightforward and the other coverage is factored as a percentage of this coverage. Usually, the damage to other structures is set at 10% while the personal property coverage is generally set at 50-70% of the dwelling amount.

So let say, if you have a $200,000 limit on your dwelling coverage and bought a policy that sets personal property coverage at 70% respectively. If your home content or personal possessions are ruined due to covered perils you’ll receive coverage up to $140,000.

The personal property coverage also depends on the cost value you have chosen in your policy. If you choose the actual cost value, then you’ll only receive the depreciated value of your belongings which means you have to add value by yourself if you want to replace them with new items.

On the other hand, if your policy offers replacement costs, then you’ll receive the amount equivalent to the brand-new version of the stolen items. However, replacement cost home policies are more expensive, your premium would go higher.

The other factor that can affect your coverage and your premium is your home location. If you live in an unsafe area where the property crime rate is high or it commonly suffers from wildfires or hurricanes, the chances are you have to pay a high premium for better coverage. Your home’s age, dimension, and the number of rooms in your house also affect your premium.

You may also likely get a discount on your home insurance if you safeguard your home by taking the following steps.

  • Installing a good home surveillance system, motion-sensor lights around your home.
  • Fixing deadbolts on exterior doors and locks on your windows
  • Installing home alarm system that alerts local police

Since these steps reduce the chance of burglary, your insurance provider might give you a discount on the premium.

What Should I Do if There’s a Break-in or Theft in My Home?

If you are the victim of a break-in or theft, the following are the steps you should take in the first place.

Report the crime – When there’s a break-in or theft at your home, immediately report it to the police and keep that report safe as it is required when you claim your insurance.

Make emergency repairs – If your doors or windows are broken and need emergency repairs, have it but make sure to save its receipts for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Take proofs of damage – Take photos and videos of damage and take note of damaged areas and stolen items.

File a claim with your insurance company – Inform your insurance company immediately so that your claim process will begin without any delay.

Consult Expert Public Adjuster – Also contact a reputable and experienced public adjuster, you may need professional assistance for your claim.

Why Do You Need a Public Adjuster if there’s a Theft or Break-in in Your Home?

Facing a burglary is a terrifying experience; it needs your complete attention as you need to keep your family and home safe. Alongside you have to go back and forth with your insurance provider to get what is rightfully yours to get your life back on track. Furthermore, your insurance company will send their adjuster to inspect your property, they will ask you various questions, and demand various documents to validate your story. All those answers must be well thought because one wrong statement can become an obstacle in the claims process.

In such times, professional public adjusters are much needed. They can represent your case and handle the entire process smoothly, making you stress-free.

However, if it’s a minor theft you may not need an adjuster, but if the theft is huge you should opt for the assistance of a public adjuster. In big cases, insurance companies always look to cut down or deny claims. Public Adjusters are well aware of insurance company tactics, they can counter every argument and ensure you get what is right for you.

Now if you are seeking a public adjuster to claim insurance for your Florida property, you are at the right place. At ClaimsPro USA, we have a team of certified professionals who know all ins and outs of the insurance field. We proudly serve all of Florida and already helped many Florida home and business owners recover thousands of insurance dollars that would have otherwise not been paid. We look for your best interest and help you receive the maximum possible settlement.

So if you are in need of assistance with your break-in or theft claim, reach out to us!

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