Are you looking for a guide to prepare an emergency kit essential to hurricane preparedness? Well, this is the guide for hurricane emergency kit preparedness you should consider:

However, hurricanes can strike at any time, thus it is important to consider what to keep in your emergency kit to stay prepared. In this guide, you will get to know about what to to do before or during evacuation. It is always advised to keep your hurricane emergency kit prepared even if you live in the least hurricane-prone area. The kit will really be life-saving and will help you to avoid any hassle.

Here’s what you should keep in your kit:

  • Keep few gallons of water per person, for drinking as well as sanitation.

  • You may not know how many days you have to evacuate, thus make sure of the supply of non-perishable items.

  • You will need to stay tuned with the latest updates and news, thus don’t forget to keep weather radio, hand-crank, or battery-powered radio with extra batteries.

  • A good quality flashlight with extra batteries.

  • A plastic sheet and duct tape will also be helpful if you will need to make a shelter in place.

  • Keep a dusk mask for every member as it will provide protection against contaminated air.

  • Garbage Bags, a moist towelette, and plastic bags for personal sanitation.

  • Make sure you keep your glasses and prescribed medications.

  • Keep some diapers or infant formula.

  • Pet food and extra drinking water.

  • Important family documents including bank account records, copies of insurance policies as well as family documents. You can use a portable, waterproof container to keep them secure.

  • Keep some matches in a small, waterproof container.

  • Personal hygiene items.

  • Paper cups, paper towels, disposable utensils.

  • Books, puzzles, games, or other activities for children.

Besides this, it is important to make the purchase a first aid kit, so that in case of an emergency, you don’t need to rush anywhere.

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