There is no surprise that many areas in Florida are prone to hurricanes as direct hits on land were recorded in the year 1851 through Simpson/Saffir scale. However, there are many facts associated with hurricanes in Florida that sound surprising. It has been estimated that around 41 percent of hurricanes that occur in the US make a certain type of landfall in the Sunshine state. As per the research, Florida is one of the most hurricane-prone states of the US. Since, 1851, hurricanes have hit many regions of the US while around 120 have caused some kind of landfall in Florida.

Well, below are some regions in Florida that are most hurricane-prone and least-hurricane prone.

Northwest Florida (The Most Hurricane-Prone Area)

Situated on the Panhandle, Northwest Florida is the most hurricane-prone area in Florida with 66 total hurricanes. The northwest panhandle gets lower temperatures as compared to the other areas of the state, which give more power to the hurricanes while increasing the air pressure. It has surpassed many other states such as Texas which is the second most hurricane-prone state with 64 hurricanes.

Southeast Florida (The Most Hurricane-Prone Area)

Some people think that the most hurricane-prone area is Southeast Florida, but it is not true. Due to catastrophic Hurricane Andrew in the year 1992, it has become the new building code that battered the state. In 1935, the Labor Day Hurricane was the first out of two category 5 hurricanes faced by Southeast Florida. This area has also been hit by category 4 hurricanes.

Southwest Florida (Most Hurricane-Prone Area)

Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, the area has warmer waters as compared to the Atlantic Ocean. It is tied with the Southern part of the Eastern Seaboard is known as the second most hurricane-prone area of Florida. It has been hit by 17 hurricanes, including six category 4 types and one category 5 hurricanes.

Northeast Florida (The Least Hurricane-Prone Area)

Not all the areas of Florida are equally hit by hurricanes. For instance, northeast Florida has faced 26 total hurricanes including a single Category 3. When it’s compared with the Northwest counterpart, northeast Florida gets one hit in 3 years.

Inland Florida (The Least Hurricane-Prone Area)

If you want to move to a safer place in Florida, then you should stay in Inland Florida which is situated near the northern border of Georgia. Inland Florida is considered the least hurricane-prone area. Due to wind storms, it is recommended to get home insurance.

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Thus, if you are planning to move to Florida and looking for a home, then consider these facts about most hurricane-prone areas and least hurricane-prone areas.

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