In the wake of Hurricane Michael, many people had to face an unfortunate
reality on top of the devastating news that their home or place of business had
suffered tremendous losses. Having to face the news that their insurance
estimate will not be enough to cover the sustained damage or their claim was
denied devastated many. To many, it felt as if they were being ripped off by
their insurance company. When a large area is hit by a hurricane, like in the
case of hurricane Michael, things can become quite complicated for both the
policyholders and insurance companies alike. To add insult to injury, it is not
uncommon for some claims adjusters to not investigate the loss properly or to
outright deny all or parts of the claim. Out of state adjusters, who may not
understand the local market entirely or adjusters who are overworked or tired
may easily overlook things or forget to document everything properly.

When the demand for building materials increases roofers and construction
workers are often put under tremendous pressure, particularly in the wake of
disasters, when people are trying to get back on their feet. When the supply
cannot meet the demand those who have suffered the damages will be the ones to
pay the most, and not necessarily in a purely financial sense, but in the loss
of time as well.

With this in mind, it’s understandable that there may be some discrepancy
between the neatly calculated, computer-generated price estimate and the actual
cost. Policyholders need to be aware of this crucial detail as it can lead to
the genuine issue of the estimate simply not being enough to fulfill the actual
needs of the policyholder. This is not necessarily the fault of the insurance
company, jut this oversite in the inflection of process can cost an already
struggling policyholder greatly. As a rule of thumb don’t accept a low offer
from your insurance company, and don’t hire an inferior contractor, as both
will cost you in the end. Another thing to keep in mind is to ensure that your
insurance claim is using the fair market pricing and not the computer estimated

While some insurance companies manage their own repair work or make use of
vendor programs that can negotiate the price of the job, this is not true for
all insurance companies, and this doesn’t always mean it’s in your best
interest. It’s best to weigh out your options and have a thorough understanding
of what is going on and how you will be impacted by these decisions. It’s not a
bad idea to hire a claims adjuster to ensure the policyholder can have the
funds to make the necessary repairs to his or her home or business.

Here at ClaimsPro USA, we understand the difficulty of navigating the claims
process. In the aftermath of a disaster your only concern should be the
recovery of your property, not trying to understand the ins and outs of your
insurance policy if you need a top of the line claims adjuster call ClaimsPro
USA today!

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