Planning for a hurricane storm can save many lives and help you lead a normal life once the storm has passed.

As hurricanes can be dangerous, thus when you get hurricane warming notifications, it is important to plan and reduce the risk of major proper damages and injuries to your dear ones.

Now, the most common question arises is how to prepare before the hurricane season? Here is the list to be considered to figure it out:

• Plan for an evacuation route
• keep disaster supplies by your side
• Make Arrangements for Your Furry Friends
• Educate Your Family members
• Protect Your Windows

• Plan For An Evacuation Route: Contact the American Red Cross chapter and the local emergency management office, and get suggestions for the community hurricane preparedness plan. This will be helpful for you to find nearby shelters and evacuation routes

• To Keep Disaster Supplies By Your Side: Most of the time, people find an evacuation route but forget to keep the basic disaster supplies by their side and that causes them a lot of inconveniences especially if they have evacuated with elders, kids, or their furry friends. Thus, you can keep a flashlight & extra batteries, a first aid kit and manual, emergency food, and water, essential medicines, a non-electric can opener, etc.

• Make Arrangements for Your Furry Friends: It is also important to have a plan for your pets when you are preparing for the hurricane season. Sometimes, pets are not allowed into hurricane emergency reasons due to space and health reasons, Thus, you should contact your local humane society to ask for help to get local animal shelters for your pets.

• Educate Your Family Members: Instruct your family members when and how to turn off electricity, water, and gas. Tech children in your home how to call the police, fire department and the right radio stations to tune in to get an update about the hurricane emergency information.

• Protect Your Windows: Remove the dead branches and trees that are touching your windows from the backyard. Permanent shutter installation is the best way to protect your windows.

• Create an Emergency Communication Plan: If your family members are separated at the time of evacuation, then to get back together, it is important to ask any of your friends or relative who lives out of the state to serve as the person for contact. You should make sure that every family members his /her name, contact and, address.

Apart from this, you must avail the Hurricane Damage Insurance policy to get proper coverage. Many insurance service providers do not provide any claim for hurricane damage, but Claims Pro USA offers the same. It is the public insurance adjuster offering a variety of insurance claims to protect you and your property from losses caused due to natural disasters.

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