You might have heard about the Hurricane Sally that crept towards the central Gulf Coast on Monday. More than thousands of residents have been warned for heavy rain and even for deadly flooding in the areas including Miss., New Orleans, Biloxi, and Alabama.

It was a plodding storm with an intense wind capacity of 137km/h (85mph). It was uncertain when the storm would make landfall but forecasters kept pointing the produced track eastward. As per the National Hurricane Center, it was the alert and they have warned people to take the storm seriously as heavy rainfall was expected in the major areas. There were the chances of people to drown in that flood.

Well, the hurricane is the natural phenomenon and the most vicious natural force that can happen at any time. It can exceed around 100 miles per hour and results in devastating homes and commercial properties. Thankfully, with advancements in technology, it is easy for us to get alerts when the hurricanes are heading our region so we can take certain precautions to keep our properties and belonging safe.

If you are also residing in the area prone to hurricanes, then consider the following precautions to take before the hurricanes arrive.

Precaution to avoid Hurricane damage:

  • Reinforce Roofing: You should make sure that your roof is properly reinforced to prevent your property from any kind of hurricane damage. You can even opt for hurricane straps that will help prevent damages to the roof of your home.
  • Create Flood Barriers: It is easy and effective to create flood barriers against the storm surges by using portable walls, sandbags, and water-filled tubes. These flood barriers may not help against major storm surges but they can save your thousand dollars.
  • Brace Garage Doors: You may know that your garage doors are prone to hurricane damages, thus you should invest in good quality garage door braces that withstand with strong hurricane-force winds.
  • Invest in Hurricane Glass: Investing in a hurricane glass is the smart choice to make your windows and doors withstand heavy winds and those flying dust that can create a lot of mess in your home. This is the forward-thinking tip to be considered as you won’t be able to install the hurricane glass when the powerful storm is heading your way.
  • Opt for Wind Damage Insurance Claims: You can contact any reliable company offing Wind Damage Insurance Claims for natural disasters such as hurricanes, microbursts, and even hail. This will help you get a settlement to repair or replace the roof and other belongings.

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