Insurance companies can either be your ally or foe when experiencing property loss. Homeowners’ insurers generally strive to do the right thing by working together with policyholders to reach an acceptable resolution.

An insurance company may attempt to take advantage of larger or more complex claims by employing tactics designed to increase its own profit. Taking the services of a public insurance adjuster can become invaluable in these circumstances.

Public adjusters can assist in getting you the maximum payout from your insurance agency and maximizing your claim amount. Continue reading this blog to learn more about what public adjusters are and how they can increase the offer of insurance settlement.

Let’s use an example of the water damage claims process. For instance, your bathroom floods when a pipe bursts while you are not present, as it is located on an upper level of your house.

As the water begins to seep through your ceiling and onto your hardwood floors, you decide to file a claim with your home insurance for repairs.

Your first step should be to notify your insurer. Then your insurance company adjuster will visit the scene of an accident to assess the damage and estimate the cost of repairs; once both you and the adjuster agree on an amount, the insurance company will give you funds to make necessary repairs to your property.

What should you do if two parties cannot come to an agreement on pricing? At this point, homeowners often hire a public claims adjuster.

What Is a Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters possess extensive experience handling insurance claims. They understand how to maximize the amount you get back from your insurer and can assist with every stage of the process, from filing a claim to negotiations over settlement offers.

Public adjusters are paid as a percentage of any settlement amount they facilitate, so there will be no costs unless money changes hands. Public claims adjusters have the incentive to help policyholders secure optimal results. When working with public adjusters – many policyholders report larger settlements from insurance providers.

If you have suffered property damage, seeking advice from a public adjuster will maximize your settlement amount.

How Can Public Adjusters Assist Policyholders in Receiving the Best Settlement Offer?

Public adjusters are an invaluable asset to policyholders looking for fair settlement offers. A public insurance claims adjuster will conduct a full investigation of your claim and collect evidence supporting it, such as receipts, videos, photographs, and eyewitness testimony to support the case.

Public insurance claims adjusters will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. They know how to deal with their insurance investigators, fighting on your behalf for maximum settlement payout.

Thirdly, they can provide expert testimony in court if necessary and keep you updated throughout the claim process so you’re always aware of what’s happening.

How Much Does a Public Adjuster Cost in Florida?

Finding help from public claims adjusters does not have to cost money upfront. Many independent insurance adjusters work on contingency fee arrangements whereby they only get paid after reaching a settlement for you, and they work tirelessly on your behalf for as much money as they can get as a percentage from any such settlement you achieve; more money = more payout!

Public adjusters charge a percentage from your claim payout; no charge will incur until the money arrives for you to spend. While percentage charges vary by a public adjuster, typically 10-15% and no more than 20% in Florida are standard charges.

How ClaimsPro USA Can Assist in Maximizing Your Policy

Public adjusters are powerful allies for their clients. Their unique skills and experience enable them to provide their insured with optimal outcomes; for instance, “divide and conquer” tasks to maximize property claims according to facts; these insurance experts offer professional and reliable claim services if chosen as the appropriate insurance professionals.

ClaimsPro USA stands behind its unfaltering commitment to ensure you receive compensation from your insurance policy as promised. Our insurance adjuster service strives to make the process straightforward and helps secure you the highest settlement available.

Our team of public insurance adjusters is on hand to assist if your property has experienced any kind of damage due to natural disasters like flood damage, hurricane damage, stor damage, etc. With decades of experience maximizing claims payouts for clients and advocating on their behalf, our top priority is making sure our clients get the full and fair compensation they are due – be it residential property damage claims or commercial claims, our insurance specialists possess extensive knowledge in negotiating processes for both types.

ClaimPro USA property claims adjusters have the expertise necessary to handle even the most intricate insurance disputes and should always work in your best interests by offering advice or assistance when needed.

  • Get in touch with you if you have any inquiries or updates about your claim.
  • Assess if the amount provided by your homeowners insurance company is sufficient or inadequate in relation to damages suffered.
  • Explain why your claim has been denied or paid less than expected.
  • Review reports related to the damage and see if they can support your claim.
  • If your claim fails, we will present alternative solutions and remedies.
  • Pass a background check and demonstrate sound business practices.
  • Finally, be familiar with insurance coverages, policy limits, and practices so as to know how best to navigate them.

We can help if your insurance provider refuses to cover property damage. Simply order our free report Commercial Property Damage or fill out the form on the right to contact our insurance adjuster about your claim.

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