The Real Cost of Windstorms

Humans have recognized the strength of the wind and have been using it as a method to harness natural energy to provide power for over a century. Though a light breeze can be pleasant, the wind is a force that can go from peaceful to deadly incredibly quickly. Thunderstorms, a common occurrence in Florida, are notorious for producing powerful winds. Thunderstorms aren’t the only storms that can result in tremendous wind damage; windstorms can also include hurricanes and tornados. Even if a storm does not directly hit an area, the damage from the wind can still lead to costly repairs.

Preventing additional damage:

If a wind storm has damaged your home or place of business, there are several things you can do to prevent further damage. First, before you start anything practice safety. Broken glass and exposed nails cause the majority of post-storm injuries to homeowners. Wear as much protective clothing as you can. If you have work gloves put them on to keep your hands safe and always wear sturdy shoes or boots to protect your feet. If you suspect possible gas-leeks or electrical hazards shut off the electrical power and the gas. Cover any broken or damaged windows and doors with wood or heavy plastic. Do not begin any major repairs before you have your property inspected.

The Recovery Process:

In life, it is essential to take some preemptive measures to help you recover in the wake of undesirable circumstances. Strong enough winds can uproot trees and completely level buildings. That’s why you’ll want to protect your property from inclement weather to the best of your ability. It’s essential that you have windstorm insurance to avoid having to pay costly repairs in the event of a windstorm. Unfortunately, even if you have insurance that covers wind damage, you could still face issues when trying to receive a proper settlement. Let ClaimsPro USA help you get the compensation you need so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

Residential areas are different from businesses, in that insurance, mainly what they cover are different. If you run a business from home, certain items won’t be covered by typical homeowner’s insurance. Naturally, this can spell trouble for your business and will make a recovery more difficult. That’s why you’ll want to make sure to have windstorm coverage; otherwise, there is very little a public claims adjuster can do on your behalf. Don’t leave your property or livelihood at risk.