Dealing with your insurance companies and the insurance adjuster for the fire insurance claim process can be daunting. While trying to manage such dreadful loss and property damage, people often find themselves stuck in the complicities of insurance companies, the paperwork for filing insurance claims, and heading the fire damage restoration process. Not just that, getting satisfactory compensation for your damaged property after a fire isn’t so easy. But don’t panic, there are ways to speed up a fire damage insurance claim while dealing with your homeowners’ insurance company.

File your fire insurance claim ASAP –

For complete compensation, insurance policies should be claimed as soon as possible. Especially when the fire took place as a result of a natural disaster, in such conditions many companies operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. So call your homeowners’ insurance agent immediately after the fire incident to get the process started.

Make a list of everything you’ve lost –

To ensure you are compensated for every item that was damaged by fire or smoke, gather your family together and start making the list of everything you have lost. Do this as soon as possible so that you will not miss any item lost by the time you file your fire insurance claim.

Get the right damage estimates –

To get the most out of your claim, try to estimate the value of all lost items. If items are damaged too much that is hopeless to repair, don’t discard them. These burned items can be good evidence for insurance agencies. You should also check for the hidden damage like behind walls, below floors and above ceilings, and outbuilding damage such as destroyed sheds, storage buildings, detached garages. This damage can often be the most troublesome to find, document, and fix, make sure to include these damages to your estimate.

Track your living expenses –

Most policies provide coverage for additional expenses to survive after such fire hazards. It means your insurance company will compensate you for your additional expenses such as hotel bills, laundry or dry-cleaning expenses, or restaurant meals while you can’t prepare meals at home. So if you’ve had to spend money on such temporary expenses, save all the receipts in reference to those transactions.

Get an advance payment –

If you have lost all your living essentials like clothes, toiletries, or food in a fire accident then you could be entitled to ask your insurance company for advance payment. Keep in mind, this advance payment will be deducted from the total amount that you will receive from the insurance company. So don’t overboard, be practical while making any purchase because the insurance company may refuse to pay you for your pointless expenses.

Get repair estimations–

Filing Fire Insurance Claims enables you to repair or rebuild your fire damaged property. Thus, it is vital to collect all repair/construction estimates from contractors and builders. As claim professionals like public adjusters and insurance appraisers require such document proofs to maximize the cost of the settlement.

Continue paying your insurance premiums –

Many homeowners make the mistakes of discontinue paying their insurance premiums once they have filed fire insurance claims. This can be a big blunder because a typical homeowners’ insurance policy includes liability coverage, and this coverage will offer protection against accidents or any other damage that may occur on a lost site after the accident.

Consider hiring a public adjuster –

Public adjusters speak only for policyholders not for the insurance agencies. So hire a public adjuster, he will negotiate with the insurance company or their expert adjusters on your behalf and ensure that will you receive a fair and timely settlement of your claim. Hiring a public adjuster will also help you to ensure you are following best practices, so you will get the most from the insurance company.

Losing your home and personal belonging in the fire is already a very devastating experience. At the moment, the thing you want is your homeowners’ insurance claim. However, your insurance company may give you a hard time regarding your claim. Don’t worry, ClaimsPro USA is here at your service, our experts will assist you during such daunting moments. Our experts will examine your insurance policy and provide you with other invaluable advice throughout the process.

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