The recent Hurricane Sally made category 2 storms off in Alabama, causing major flooding in Florida as well as damage to several trees. Do you know that around 377 people have been rescued from flooding? The floodwaters rushed through Alabama and major parts of Florida on Wednesday. There were submerging cars; the roads were turning into the rivers, and many constructions barge into the water.

The floodwater has been reached more than five feet in Pensacola, Florida. With downed trees and huge water, roads become impassible. Well, if your home has also sustained hurricane damage, then this post is for you. Here is how you should react when the storm has passed. It is important to know certain fundamentals that help you protect your home while keeping yourself and your loved ones secure and safe.

Follow These Essential Tips After The Storm Is Over:

  • If you are rescued, then you should return your home only after getting confirmation from authorities.
  • Do not touch anything linked with the power lines even it is a water puddle that is near the downed power lines.
  • Board up the damaged windows to eradicate vandalism and further damages. You can consider arranging temporary repair to protect your property.
  • Check if there is any gas line leakage that happened during the storm. If any leakage is suspected, stay out of your home until the service provider deems it completely safe.
  • Be cautious for the hazards that are the storm product including, water, broken or sharp items, tree limbs, or other furniture or structures that may have been broken due to strong winds.
  • Avoid making permanent repairs as you may get a settlement from an insurance service provider for this natural calamity. Keep proper records of any expenses you made.

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