Florida residents have witnessed first-hand the devastation caused by hurricanes and floods. Each year, thousands are left picking up the pieces after one has struck, often leaving extensive property damage behind. Navigating complex claims for flood damage can be daunting – that is why ClaimsPro USA’s Public Adjusters are here – we help Florida homeowners rebuild lives after storms and restore hope.

Our Client Story: We Were Able to Assist A Florida Family Recover from Hurricane Damage And Secure a 5-X Settlement

Hurricane IAN, a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds up to 130 MPH, made landfall in Florida Panhandle and caused devastating damages. One of our senior public insurance adjusters was assigned to the client during this challenging process and utilized thermal imaging and moisture maps to prove hidden water damage to their home; then obtained more than five times compensation than was initially offered from their insurance provider as “final payment,” getting their homeowner’s insurance policy fully paid out with even their $5,000.00 deductible waived off!

ClaimsPro USA assisted Florida homeowners, by offering them expert guidance.

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Overcoming Underpayment in a Claim

A Florida homeowner was devastated by water damage caused by Hurricane Charley. Their insurance company underpaid his claim; therefore ClaimsPro USA was called in to assess, document, and negotiate their water damage claim on their behalf with their insurer – giving the homeowner access to much higher payout amounts so they could repair their home with confidence.

Understanding their complex policy conditions

Another homeowner needed help understanding their complex policy conditions. ClaimsPro USA assisted this individual in deciphering their policy and identifying comprehensive coverage areas they had missed, ultimately helping to ensure a fair payment of their claim.

Boosting claim process

ClaimsPro USA was approached by a family that had suffered severe storm damage to their home, prompting our insurance adjuster in Florida to expedite the claims process through accurate documentation of damages and negotiation with their insurance carrier – this allowed the family to rebuild quickly. Once the settlement was received in a timely fashion, life went back to normal for this family.

ClaimsPro USA Offers Comprehensive Approach to Hurricane Damage Claims

Property Damage Assessment

A key step in successfully filing hurricane insurance claims is conducting an accurate property damage evaluation. At ClaimsPro USA, our experts document losses and estimate repair and replacement costs to ensure homeowners receive compensation that accurately reflects their losses.

Analysis and Policy Review

At ClaimsPro USA, our claims specialist analyzes each client policy carefully in order to identify coverage limits and exclusions, protecting policyholder rights while assuring clients receive full compensation.

Settlement and Negotiations

Once damage assessment and policy reviews have been conducted, ClaimsPro USA’s claims adjuster will reach out to insurance providers and negotiate an acceptable and fair settlement offer on your behalf. Our expertise in claim negotiation enables us to maximize payouts quickly so you can recover faster from hurricane damage.

Prepare Your Home for Storm and Hurricane Damage With These Tips

Know Your Risk

Hurricanes don’t only impact coastal regions; they can bring wind and flooding anywhere across the United States. Therefore, it is vital to recognize potential risks a hurricane could bring before making plans to protect ourselves against one.

Reinforce Your Home

Florida residents should take proactive steps to safeguard their homes against flood risk, with hurricane-proof measures like these available for use.

  • Be sure that your home meets building code requirements.
  • Before the hurricane, stock up on shutters or wood planks to cover all windows.
  • Upgrade to impact-resistant doors and windows in order to avoid them from breaking.
  • Use heavy-duty bolts as door reinforcement.
  • Upgrade to an impact-resistant roof or secure it using metal straps and clips.
  • Clean gutters regularly.
  • Strengthen garage doors as needed.
  • Store outdoor furniture, gardening tools, sporting gear, and any other essentials indoors in advance of a hurricane.

Check Your Home Insurance Policy

Insurance can save lives regardless of whether you rent or own your home, so contact your insurance agent or company to make sure you have enough coverage to cover potential damages a hurricane might bring about, like flooding not being covered by standard homeowner’s policies. When contemplating filing a hurricane damage claims, double-check if wind damage insurance might help as water damages might not.

ClaimsPro USA can assist in determining whether your property is protected against hurricane, wind, and flood damage. Our team of public adjusters can assist in understanding your standard home insurance policy so you know exactly what is covered and the amount of insurance coverage – as well as assist with any pending claims or denied ones.

Why is ClaimsPro USA your best choice for hurricane damage insurance claims?

ClaimsPro USA has extensive expertise in hurricane and flood damage claims in Florida’s particular environment of high flood risk. Our team of public adjusters understands the difficulties homeowners encounter when dealing with hurricane damage, working tirelessly to make sure clients receive adequate compensation.

ClaimsPro USA has an established track record of successfully settling claims, helping countless Florida residents recover from flood damages. Because of our expertise and commitment to clients’ best interests, ClaimsPro USA makes an ideal choice when seeking claims settlement for hurricane damages.

ClaimsPro USA is committed to delivering unparalleled customer service and support throughout the claims process, answering any inquiries, and acting as an advocate on clients’ behalf to ensure an easy experience without stress or hassle.

ClaimsPro USA is a public adjusting firm that Florida homeowners can count on to help restore hope after hurricane strikes, offering excellent customer service and comprehensive flood insurance claims evaluation processes that make them invaluable resources.

ClaimsPro USA can offer the expertise needed to help homeowners navigate the arduous insurance claim process and receive all their due compensation.

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