Hurricanes can change your life in the blink of the eye and cause major losses to your property & belongings. As many business and home insurance policies do not cover flooding claims from certain circumstances, thus it is important to ensure safety before, during, and after the hurricanes in order to avoid drastic damages.

The recent Hurricane Sally had a major impact in many regions of Florida, especially in Pensacola. If you are also a resident of Pensacola Florida and have been affected by that Hurricane Sally, then you should be careful and take certain precautionary measures to avoid further damages. It is important to minimize the threat of loss to you and your dear ones.

Here is what tips to be considered in mind:

  • Stay tuned to local news channels through television or radio for important instructions, announcements, and bulletin concerning the medical aid, storm area, and other types of assistance such as water, shelter, and food.
  • You may not be able to have immediate access to your home. Power crews, emergency rescue crews, and other professionals will meet your specific needs. There will be downed power lines, blocked roads, people may be trapped and will require assistance.
  • You should make sure that you have proper identities. Also, you have to go through proper identification checks before entering your home/neighborhood.
  • Roads may be blocked in your area so you should avoid driving.
  • Avoid entering a storm ravaged or sight-seeing area unnecessarily.
  • Remember that damaged or downed trees contain power lines that are quite hazardous.
  • Consider having licensed/professional contractors for a home inspection that will help you make necessary repairs. These professionals will inspect gas lines, electricity, check the plumbing, and remove uprooted trees.
  • Avoid switching the power ON at your home if there’s is water all around. Have an expert who can perform a detailed inspection of your home first.
  • Use phones for emergencies only as telephone lines may be busy in your area.

In many regions like Florida, homeowners have to buy a separate hurricane policy to get their home insured against hurricanes and tropical storms. The basic insurance you purchase only offers protection against water damages which are not associated specifically with hurricanes and flooding caused due to it.

Well, you can contact any reliable insurance service provider to get a settlement for your losses. But you should make sure that all the documents and evidence are ready along with pictures. Keep all the receipts of repairs you made for a temporary basis. All these expenditures will be included as part of your claim for hurricane damages.

You can contact ClaimsPro USA which is the most popular public insurance adjuster. They help you in getting the Wind Damage Insurance Claims that you are entitled to for your losses. Apart from hurricane damages, you can also opt for fire damage, lightning-related damage, water damage, and even business interruption due to natural calamities.

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