The recent Hurricane Sally has drenched Florida and Alabama with over 2 feet of rain in different areas. The experts said that the storm caused around $29 million of damage in Pensacola and Escambia County alone. Well, Florida Panhandle residents who have uninsured property losses due to Hurricane Sally can register with FEMA for disaster assistance.

Hurricane can come at any time of the year in Florida. Thus, the residents should be aware of its detrimental effects on their lives and properties. Whether you have built a new home or recently renovated your existing property, it is important to consider the five ways to make your Florida home more hurricane resistant.

  • Keep Your Landscape Clean: Remove dead branches and prune trees to stay prepared and make your home hurricane resistant. Apart from this remove equipment or any patio furniture from the landscape of your home garden that can blow around.
  • Protect Your Doors And Windows: Whether with hurricane-resistant shutters or glass, protecting your windows and doors against flying debris and high winds is important. Hurricane-force winds and storms can hurl the objects, but installing shutters can protect your property.
  • Install a Metal Roof: If you are living in a hurricane zone, it is recommended to have a metal roof on your building. This will help your roof to withstand major storm or hurricane winds. Due to constant exposure to rain, wind, and other forces by nature, your roof is a vulnerable part of your home. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricane-force winds and tropical storms, you should consider installing a metal roof.
  • Proper Water Flow: You should always keep the downspouts and gutters clean. Make sure that nothing blocks the water flow during the storm. You can do a visual inspection and be sure that the flowing water is away from your home.
  • Uplift Designing: Hurricane-force winds are very strong that can pull the buildings. Roof structures are prone to be flown in the hurricane winds and become a danger for everyone. Thus, make sure your building is equipped with a construction fastening system while the selection of fastener can vary as per the type of construction and location.

Apart from this, you should keep up to date in the event of a hurricane. Make sure you have a television or a battery-powered radio to stay connected with the outside world. Keep some correct size batteries with yourself in case of an emergency.

Now, if you are living in a hurricane-prone area, then you should opt for a wind damage insurance claim to get a settlement if your property gets damaged due to any unfavorable natural event. ClaimsPro USA is the best insurance company offering you the best services to cover your claims while helping you to get back to your normal life.