Dealing with insurance claims is a very hectic job, a kind that can occupy your entire day and then days. Many people describe their experience of claiming their insurance. They say the claim process is a very daunting task; it involves lots of legal work, paperwork, math, and insurance rules and on top of that is negotiation. For a common man who has very little or no experience in the field, negotiating a fair settlement is quite challenging especially after an emotionally devastating event.

Moreover, insurance companies aren’t always concerned about how much they must pay you for your property damage claims. Insurance companies are a business and they also have to obey the law, thus, they always attempt to negotiate the settlement as minimum as possible. However, this is not a good thing for policyholders like you as you may not receive the entire claim amount you deserve. In such conditions, giving a chance to a public claims adjuster is a good idea, it can benefit you in two ways first they will reduce your stress of preparing documents, and secondly, they will ensure you’ll get the maximum deserving claim amount.

But before hiring a public insurance adjuster you should make sure they are the right pick for your claim. To do so, put the following questions in front of them –


  • Are you licensed to practice public adjusting in my state?

Requesting the public adjuster to see their individual permit is one of the most crucial things to do when you are hiring a public adjuster. Sometimes, public adjusters work under the company or another individual’s license instead of getting certified and having their credentials separately. If they aren’t licensed within the state means they are not qualified for this job and have no legal standing to help you with your claim. Do your homework and make sure they are legit and have spotless records.

  • How long has the company been in business?

Knowing company history might be beneficial while hiring a claims adjuster, it helps build trust as you know you are working with someone who delivers what they promised. Although this should not be the only deciding factor, the experience of adjusters within the firm should be taken into consideration. Many adjusters having years or decades of experience also branch out on their own or join a newly established firm.

  • Will you be the actual person handling my claim?

When you consult an adjuster firm, mostly their sales representative or agent will talk to you and then will hand off your case to another person. It’s best to find out who will actually be working on your case from beginning till the end. This helps you communicate directly to help resolve issues or answer questions.

  • What is your area of expertise?

Most adjusters handle both residential and commercial claims like fire damage, water damage, business losses, Vandalism and Theft, hurricane, lightning damage, etc. It’s equally important to know whether your adjuster has expertise in your case type as different insurance claims have different regulations and different types of clauses and compensation policies.

  • How many other claims have currently been signed up for in this location?

This is another important thing to take into consideration while choosing the right public adjuster for your claim. Each claim needs individual attention from the adjuster. If you select a professional adjuster who has too many cases running currently, he or she will spread over and will be unable to give the attention your case deserves.

  • What’s your experience in regards to claims adjusting?

The best to do when sorting through different adjusters is to ask how many claims they have handled in your area. The more claims he or she processed and settled, the better s/he’ll be able to administrate your claim.

  • Can you give me three references of nearby local customers who were happy with your work?

Ask your public adjuster you are interviewing to give you at least three references of nearby local customers who are happy with their service, legitimate adjusters will gladly provide you reference. Don’t take these recommendations at face value, make sure to follow up with those clients to learn more about the firm.

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  • If I hire your company, can I still communicate directly to my insurance company adjuster?

If you want to stay involved in your claims, discuss this with a public adjuster before signing a contract. However, your insurance company and your adjuster should be the only two people to communicate about your claim.

  • What is your fee contract?

Most public adjusters charge a portion of your final settlement your insurer pays. This typically ranges from 5% to 15% depending on the size and type of your loss or status of your claim and the experience and reputation of your adjuster.

Although it’s not always the best to opt for the cheapest public adjuster, just make sure whatever price you are willing to pay must translate to an equal result.

  • What happens if I want to terminate the contract before a settlement has been finalized?

Before signing a contract make sure to ask whether you have the flexibility to terminate the contract with a public adjuster before the settlement is reached? If you do, will you charge an additional fee for breaking the contract?

These are just a few things to consider before entering into the contract with a public claims adjuster. If you have any queries regarding your claim or looking for a professional claim adjuster to Florida to assist in your claim, feel free to email us or call 1-833-252-4601 we are happy to serve you!

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