Do you know that water damage can occur in almost all types of property damage claims? Yes! you can have a look at some major claims where you inevitably have water damage.

  • Hurricanes

  • Tornados

  • Tropical Storms

  • Roof Leaks

  • Lighting

  • Fires

  • Cast Iron Pipe Damages

  • Accidental Overflow Discharge of Water (for eg: breakage of washer machine line)

Water Damage

Water Damage

Apart from these, you can also take a look at the statistics of some claims related to water damage. Every day there are around 14 thousand water damage emergency occurs at work or at home. Out of 3, one homeowner had water damage issues.

The cost of damages caused due to water along with insurance claims is around 14 Billion Dollars per year. The average home owner’s claim for water damage is over 11 thousand dollars. In the past few decades, insurance companies limit the coverage to water damage claims in Florida.

Let’s make it more clear with the example

  • 1992-1999- Insurance companies did not skip any type of damages caused by water. Claims were covered without any issues.

  • 2000-2006- This was the time when insurance companies used to limit coverage. In the policy, they have stated that any damages for more than 14 days will not be covered.

  • 2007-2011- This time insurance service provider extended their predatory policy. But if you don’t know about the leak for more than 14 days, your claim could be denied.

  • 2012- Now, insurance companies continuing to narrow the water damage claims and the coverage in Florida.

How to Get Water Damage Claim Covered?

If the insurance service provider excludes the water damage claim if the water damage existed for more than 14 days then you can still get compensated by contacting a reliable public insurance adjuster. ClaimsPro USA is one of the most reliable and most trusted public insurance adjusters who can help you get your settlement for a Water Damage Claim.

They are a well-experienced and proficient team of public insurance adjusters who knows how to deal with your insurance provider if they denied settling your claim for water damage caused to the hurricane. Apart from water damages, they can also assist in fire damage, lightning damage, and business interruption due to natural disasters.

All their experts follow the proven process to settle your claim and help you get the maximum settlement you are entitled to. Whether you are claiming for the home property loss or business damage, they can help you in both throughout the process.

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