Storms can be disastrous to homes. There are a few precautions you can take to ensure that the potential damage to your home is minimal.

Caring for your sump pump. It’s important to periodically check your sump pumps to be sure they are clear of any debris or obstructions and that it is working properly.

Ice damage. Frozen water can form a dam where water can build. You can use a snow rake to remove the snow and ice from your roof. You can also shovel the snow off, but roofs can be slippery, making it a serious fall hazard. Chipping or attempting to break the ice off your gutters or singles can damage them so this is not advised.

Water damage to your house. Removing excess water is crucial in preventing damage. Mopping or collecting the water are both viable ways to avoid water damage if you have a leak. Remove any fabrics, upholstery, and cushions to dry. You can use foil or plastics to prevent wooden furniture from swelling. Avoided using any ceiling appliances or electrical appliances to prevent electric shock. Take pictures or video of all the damages sustained to your property.

If you are a policyholder, who have sustained damages from water take the proper measures to help you get the settlement you deserve. In addition to taking pictures read over your policy. Know if there is a time frame for you to report the damage and what your policy covers. If you need any assistance or are having difficulties with your insurance provider call ClaimsPro USA. We will help you understand the process and get the settlement you deserve so you can focus on getting back to doing what’s most important, living your life and enjoying each day to the fullest!