When it comes to getting prepared for a hurricane, it is important to consider certain factors when you need to evacuate with your family and kids. The hurricane storm can bring devastating winds and flooding that may cause major damages. If there’s a hurricane alert declared by your state government, make sure you have a hurricane preparedness plan ready to be executed.

Here are some tips to protect your family and kids with a hurricane preparedness plan-

  • Explain Hurricane to Your Kids: Explain hurricane to your kids and let them know in age-appropriate terms about this devastating natural event, its effect, and why it is important to get ready before a hurricane season.

  • Let Your Family Members Know that They’ll Be Safe: A hurricane is a disturbing event that can be extremely stressful and fearful for your family members especially elders and kids. You can let them know about your hurricane preparedness plan for their safety. Also, reduce their stress by telling them that there are many people who are taking care of them including you, firemen & police, rescue workers, and more.

  • Pack a Bag for Each Member of Your Family: Preparing a “Go Bag” for every family member is beneficial instead of rushing to the market for essential supplies and other emergency stuff. Whether you are packing a bag for elderly people or kids, make sure you keep flashlights, personal hygiene products, medications, bottled water, first aid supplies, non-perishable food items, and other essential stuff. For kids, you can keep some favorite stuffed animals, games or books, that would be helpful during the evacuation.

  • If You Can’t Evacuate, Prepare to Shelter at Home: If you have decided to shelter at your home, make sure that you have all the emergency supplies and precautionary kit including a flashlight, food & water, chargers, batteries, first aid supplies, and cash to keep your family safe for several days.

  • Give Your Kids Emergency Contact Information: Put emergency (ICE) cards in the pocket of your children. You can even write the contact number and address information on their arm with the marker. Consider at least three points of contact and let your kids memorize those names, phone numbers, etc. for emergencies.

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