Have you witnessed Elsa that moved over Southern Georgia with very heavy rains? If yes, and there’s huge damage happened to your property due to that tropical storm with heavy rain, then it is the time you should opt for hurricane storm damage claim settlement.

Insurance Claim Elsa

Insurance Claim Elsa

Well, here’s what you should know-

  • How to file a claim?

  • How does the claim process work?

  • What’s included and excluded in the claim?

  • What coverage is available for the damage?

  • How long it takes to file a claim?

  • If your claim is larger than your deductible (the amount you agree to pay before your insurance kicks in).

  • How long it takes to process the claim?

Here’s what you should do before getting the settlement:

  • Temporary Repairs: You can take reasonable precautions to protect your property against further damage. Keep receipts of all expenses and send them to your insurance company for reimbursement. Payouts for temporary repairs are included in the final settlement.

  • Keep Your Receipts In Case You Have To Move: Keep track of all expenses if you have to rent another place while your home is being fixed up. If your home is damaged in an accident, homeowners insurance will cover you for additional living expenses.

  • Get Ready For The Visits Of The Adjuster: You may receive a proof-of-loss form from your insurance company. Or, an adjuster might visit your home. An adjuster is someone who has been trained to assess the damage. The faster you can settle your claim, in either case, the more information about the damaged items — including a description, approximate date of purchase, and the cost of replacement or repair — is the better.

How Do You Get The Money?

You may be asked by construction companies to sign a form directing your insurance company to pay you directly. The firm will then bill your insurance company directly, and attach the form. Before signing any forms, ensure that you are completely satisfied with the repairs and that everything is done.

You will need to replace damaged items if you have a replacement cost insurance policy. You will receive the actual cash value of any items you choose not to replace. Your insurance company will usually allow you to replace the items within several months of receiving the cash value payment. Find out how long you have been allowed to replace the items. Insurance companies may have lists of vendors who can replace your property. Some companies might supply replacement items.

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