Avoid These Hurricane Preparation Mistakes To Safe-Keep Your Family

Avoid These Hurricane Preparation Mistakes To Safe-Keep Your Family


Hurricane preparedness is a necessary part of life in many parts of the world, especially if you live in a location like Florida. Hurricane-prone areas are not only risky to property but a peril to life as well.

Many people take effective steps to tackle the occurrence of this natural disaster but on the other hand, some fail to do so properly. Hence, here is a blog with all such possible mistakes which you must avoid in order to safe-keep your life and the surroundings.

Mistake 1: Ignoring Weather Updates

Nowadays, most of us have weather applications installed on our smartphones. They provide accurate predictions and alert you right away about an approaching storm. Hence, whenever you receive a notification regarding a hurricane via an app or even the news, do not overlook it. It may cost you your life, hence consider it in time and prepare yourself with emergency resources.

Mistake 2: Not Securing Your Home’s Windows & Doors

It is always advised to secure your homes with high-impact doors and windows as their glazing system can withstand a hurricane’s strong force. Many people avoid doing this and end up with loss and destruction. Therefore, make it a point to get your windows and doors built with hurricane-proof metal.

Mistake 3: Ignoring The Instruction Of Evacuation

Government and officials always notify people regarding the approaching hurricanes. They even suggest how and where to evacuate immediately. But some people commit the mistake of ignoring the notification and end up suffering losses. Hence, whenever you receive a certain guideline regarding evacuation, just grab your emergency kit, gather all your essentials, inform others regarding your departure and reach the advised safe area.

Mistake 4: Not Preparing An Emergency Kit

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes it is always recommended to keep an emergency kit handy. Store all necessary items in the kit like a pack of medicines, first aid, torch, a small tool kit, etc. Many people tend to ignore this and find themselves rushing here and there right before a hurricane knocks on their door. Therefore, have an emergency kit always ready.

Mistake 5: Staying Close To Windows During Hurricanes

Even if your home’s windows and doors are well secured, maintain a safe distance from them during a hurricane. You can not always predict the intensity of a hurricane, it may hit your windows strongly & suddenly. Thus, it is advised to stay in interior rooms, rooms without any windows or openings, or even basement areas.

Mistake 6: Using Gas-lit Lanterns/ Candles

A hurricane can damage water and gas lines which may result in leakage. Hence, it is suggested that until and unless it is told by the authorities, avoid using gas or candles as they may catch fire due to gas leakage. Many people ignore this and rush to light up candles/lanterns. Thus, unless it is extremely safe, do not light gas-lamps.

So, these were all the common mistakes that are usually committed by people. Take them into consideration and make it a point to not commit them during a hurricane.

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