If you are living in Florida or are planning to move here, you have heard of Hurricane Preparedness Week. Hurricane preparedness weeks kick-off at the beginning of May month reminding people that hurricane season will start soon so be prepared.

Hurricane season starts on the first of June and lasts around five-month. According to the previous records, hurricane storms peak from August to September. Knowing the basics of hurricane preparation can save your life in devastating hurricanes.

Today, we learn about your personal hurricane risks; find out if you are living in a hurricane evacuation zone and how you can secure yourself and your home from hurricanes.


How to be ready for hurricane season?

If you are living in hurricane-prone areas like Florida, here are some simple preparation to help you ready for this hurricane season –

Determine your risk –

Hurricanes don’t just affect coastal areas; powerful storms can bring winds and flooding to the area far from them. Thus, it’s important to determine the risks a hurricane can bring to you.

Start by learning what hazards hurricanes can bring to the area where you live and make preparations now to handle them.

Create an evacuation plan –

If you live in a hurricane-prone area and your home would be unsafe during the hurricane, then you need to plan your evacuation for a hurricane prior to it. To prepare for hurricane evacuation, first of all, know your evacuation zone, then develop an evacuation plan to figure out where you’ll go and how you’ll reach there if need to evacuate.

If you are planning to live in emergency shelters or hotels during a hurricane evacuation, then you also need to make sure to find a safe place for your pets before disaster or emergency, because emergency shelters and hotels may not allow you to bring them.

Assemble disaster supplies –

After a hurricane, your area may be out of power, food, and water for days or even weeks and we are sure you don’t want to lose water or food during the hurricane. While preparing for the hurricane, make sure you stock enough water, non-perishable food, and medicines for you and your family for at least one week. Read our blog to have an idea about what items should be on your hurricane evacuation checklist in Florida.

Review your home insurance –

Insurance can save your life, whether you own a house or rent one. Contact your insurance company or agent and make sure you have enough homeowner’s insurance to repair or even replace the damage that hurricane may cause to your property. Remember standard homeowner insurance policies insurance doesn’t cover flooding. Check your insurance policy and note if they can be helpful if you opt for any hurricane-related claim. Opting for wind damage insurance may be a smart idea for such moments as any water-related damage might not fall under a hurricane claim.

If you are not sure whether your property is covered for hurricane, wind, or flood damage you can consult the ClaimsPro USA. We have a team of expert public adjusters who can help you understand your insurance policy to know what is covered and the limitations. If you have any pending or denied claims, we can also help you with that.

Reinforce your home –

Houses with tiled roof covered by blue sheet after hurricane

Whether you are planning to evacuate or shelter at your place, you need to make sure your home is ready to withstand the strong winds and heavy rain, and flooding that a hurricane can bring. Here are the following measures you can take to prepare your home for a hurricane ready –

  1. Check to see if your home is up to building code specifications.
  2. Stock hurricane shutters or wooden planks to cover all the windows before the hurricane
  3. Upgrade to impact-resistance doors and windows to prevent them from breaking
  4. Reinforce doors with some heavy-duty bolts.
  5. Secure your roof with metal straps, and clips, or upgrade to an impact-resistance roof if possible
  6. Clean your rain gutter
  7. Reinforce your garage doors
  8. Bring in all outdoor items like furniture, garden tools, sporting equipment, and other items prior to a hurricane.

Assist your neighbor –

Neighbors are the first people on whom one relies on after a disaster, but there are also many ways you can assist your neighbor before a hurricane approaches. Discuss with your neighbors how we can help one another after the disaster

Prepare a written plan –

The time to prepare yourself and your family for a hurricane is now. Hurricane planning can help you determine the needs and requirements of your family and help you understand what you need to do to protect them from an emergency or disaster. Jot down your hurricane preparedness plan and make sure everything is ready before the hurricane approaches.

Final words:

Hurricane season is about to start and knowing the basics on how to prepare can help protect your home and loved one from the devastating events if you live in hurricane-prone areas like Orlando, Florida preparation is even more crucial.

If you are living in Florida and want to know if your home insurance policy protects your home from hurricane damage or how much coverage it offers, consider ClaimsPro USA. We are a group of best public insurance adjusters who assist you understand your insurance policy and help you deal with your insurance company so that the maximum possible settlement for your property damage.

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